A light finish is the most requested flooring finish this year in 2020. The photos in this gallery are of a home with bleached red oak and red heart of pine hardwood flooring.

The hardwoods are matched in color results giving a smooth transition from one room to the next. This is enhanced by FloorMasters’ ability to custom make inlaid thresholds where needed between the rooms.

In the room with the bay window, the bleached red oak flooring has visible nail down spots. This is the style of the flooring called Philadelphia strips. Notice the easy transition to the adjacent room which is red heart of pine flooring.

If you are undecided about refinishing your hardwood floors or going with a new look, it is clear in the before and after photos that the white wash finish brightens the rooms and enlarges their appearance. You can view other light finished hardwoods in our Bleached Hardwood Gallery and our White Oak Gallery.